Twenty-Nine Eleven

Twenty-Nine Eleven is based off of the Bible verse Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “Plans of peace and not evil, to give future and hope”.

We bring our members to take action on their purpose.  We bring cultivation of this to these selected individuals by relevant teachings and surrounding them with others who are on the same journey. 

Hear what Twenty-Nine Eleven has done for others



Twenty-Nine Eleven is a group designed to help individual’s passions meet the purpose for their life. Since Starting Twenty-Nine Eleven and going through the weekly messages, we have seen incredible progression for people who participate. This group is for career minded people in business, entrepreneurship, politics, education, health, wellness, etc. Basically anyone progressing forward to finding their purpose and how they can make that meet what they’re passionate about. For me this group has helped me learn and accomplish goals in health, fitness, business, working with people and much more. it's also provided great people to surround myself with, which makes all the difference on how I perform day in and day out. I have seen increased performance in every area of my life since Twenty-Nine Eleven. 

-Zac Bugay, Twenty-Nine Eleven Founder



The 29:11 Christian Bible Group is a powerful, resurrecting and revitalizing organized group of entrepreneurs who seek to share and learn the treasure within the Bible, which is applicable to everyday life and business. Zac Bugay, the group leader, as well as the rest of the party members have created a strong, opened union and meeting place for those who yearn to worship the Lord, with others who have a similar mindset and inspiration towards entrepreneurial endeavors. My time there has increased the quality of my life tenfold: through an increased financial means, ability to network with and be chaperoned by other successful game changers and entrepreneurs within the local community, as well as the increased growth of my relationship with God through Christianity. It's been over three months since I've joined, and I haven't missed a Thursday group meeting since I'd first started attending, and don't plan to! With the commitment in worshiping the Lord through His word, and being with like-minded individuals that he's personally put in my life to fulfill the Destiny He has for me, I can't help but to hope to see you here soon-- walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.

-Michael Caulfield



Zac Bugay and the 2911 group has been monumental to my personal growth and to my business! My sales advisor, Zac, has a top-notch sales training approach and his advising skills have helped to shape and form my overall performance with my customers. He is an extremely talented person with wonderful “brainstorming” methods that help to get the job done right (the first time)! I would highly recommend him for any career venture or entrepreneur looking to expand their business. Zac has been monumental to my business GOT GREEN LLC and has helped to advise on the brand in a unique and innovative way. In addition, his 2911 Christian business group is the perfect mid-week gathering to really “hone in” on how to effectively grow a business while maintaining a Christ-like attitude! 


-Eileen Fedyna, GOT GREEN LLC (Got Green® Soap)